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When it comes to recycling, there is no better Wollongong recycling centre than Austick. Austick Copper Recycling is always happy to take on more townspeople’s recycling needs. And because we want to be your favorite destination for metal recycling Wollongong residents go to, we make sure to provide fast, free and fair service for all our clients. We’re the only scrap metal dealer Wollongong trusts with practical, unique, and reliable disposal facilities. For professional advice or a timely response on your request, dial 0401 282 852 today!


Located in Wollongong NSW, Austick is the number one scrap metal dealer Wollongong relies on, offering top prices for everything old yet recyclable. Among the list of scrap metal buyers Wollongong area has, hundreds of customers have considered Austick as the best nearby Wollongong recycling centre because we have the most efficient processes and cleanest facilities in town.

When it comes to finding high-quality recycled metal parts, we’re the go-to scrap yard Wollongong has nearby. We’ve been collecting top quality materials for years and pride ourselves in our quick customer service and free scrap metal pickup Wollongong area needs. We also have new state-of-the-art facilities that sort through the entire yard of scraps at once. What used to take hours will be done in minutes! Give Austick a ring for an appointment today!

We Are The Number One Wollongong Scrap Metal Buyers Offering The Best Scrap Metal Prices in Wollongong

We Offer a Free Scrap Metal Pickup Service Throughout the Wollongong Area

We Offer a Free Scrap Metal Pickup Service Throughout the Wollongong Area

With the high demand for recyclable metal these days, you might be just looking to unload your scrap metal. We can help! Not only does our service offer great scrap metal prices Wollongong yards cannot offer, the Austick team can also collect it for free! Throughout the years, we’ve taken on clients of all types: from local businesses looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint to homeowners needing disposal assistance. We offer all kinds of scrap metal services and pay the best Wollongong scrap metal prices. Name your price today!

We Are The Top Scrap Copper Buyers in Wollongong Offering The Best Prices in Town

We Are The Top Scrap Copper Buyers in Wollongong Offering The Best Prices in Town

Looking to sell scrap copper in Wollongong NSW? The price of scrap copper is in constant flux, but it’s always best to trust Austick Copper Recycling. You can call us and find out the most up-to-date Wollongong scrap copper prices.

Here at Austick, we are proud to say that our company’s reputation precedes us. As one of the best Wollongong scrap copper buyers, we offer the best prices around! Skip the haul to the scrap yard Wollongong centre, and head to Austick today! We have a full-service scrap metal facility with a full range of bins and chutes for sorting, a reliable scrap metal removal Wollongong service, and expert advice offered by our team at the scrap metal yard Wollongong residents and business owners go to.

A Wollongong Scrap Yard You Can Trust for the Best Scrap Copper, Scrap Brass, Scrap Lead & Aluminum Prices In Wollongong

A Wollongong Scrap Yard You Can Trust for the Best Scrap Copper, Scrap Brass, Scrap Lead & Aluminum Prices In Wollongong

Because we believe in giving the newest life to old things, Austick extends a helping hand with recycling, reuse, and responsible disposal of scrap metals. If you want to free your home, workspace or construction area from used and old scrap metals, our services include scrap metal removal Wollongong can always rely on.

If you’re looking to sell scrap metal, Wollongong has a secret gem in the middle of Kembla Grange road. Heavy, weathered, and battered metal scrap is often difficult to sell for a reasonable price. But with Austick, we will beat any quote or price you find on scrap brass Wollongong yards offer. We offer a wide variety of services at our scrap yard Wollongong has nearby.

Getting a good price for your copper and brass scrap is mainly dependent on your metal grade. Here at Austick, we provide competitive Wollongong scrap copper prices and your scrap metal will be inspected, accurately weighed, and matched to the current daily rate to ensure that you get the best deals.

Looking for the best scrap aluminium and scrap brass Wollongong rates? Austick is one of the trusted yards for aluminum recycling Wollongong can go to that offers top dollar for aluminium scrap metals. From hauling off scrap aluminium, scrap brass, and scrap lead, Wollongong can trust that we are always available to take care of any size job. When it comes to scrap metal collection, we are the scrap brass buyers Wollongong can rely on.

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Want to sell scrap copper in Wollongong NSW? Selling scrap metals is the best way to earn extra cash. We know that when it comes to collecting scrap metal, you’d be hard-pressed to find the best scrap lead Wollongong company that you can rely on. A simple search for ‘best copper prices near me’ will show Austick at the top results! When you call Austick, we will leave no opportunity to help you get rid of your scrap metals, whether it’s from a ranch, facility or job site. Reach out to us today and one of our on-site scrap brass buyers Wollongong personnel will provide a same-day response.

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Wollongong Recycling and Scrap Metal FAQs

Does Austick offer the best scrap copper prices in Wollongong?

Whether you're a contractor, plumber, or electrician, we offer the best pricing on metal scraps. Our prices are second to none, and we buy all types of scrap metal Wollongong clients can ever find. Our Wollongong scrap metal prices are always competitive with other Wollongong scrap copper dealers. Not sure if these prices are right for your scraps? Call us to be updated with the current Wollongong scrap copper prices and get an idea of how much money will be in it for you. With our scrap copper pick up Wollongong service, you can trust that everything will be taken care of by our team of Wollongong scrap copper buyers.

What scrap metals do Austick scrap metal dealers buy in Wollongong?

The metal recycling Wollongong industry has seen rapid growth in the last few decades. If you’re on the hunt for the best Wollongong scrap copper dealers to sell scrap metal for cash, Wollongong is home to many reputable companies, but none can beat the unparalleled scrap metal services that only Austick can offer. We have a hassle-free process that enables you to trade up to one ton of your rubbish into cash. Generally, the items we purchase include aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and more. If you have any queries related to our scrap copper pick up Wollongong service, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Does the Austick free scrap metal pick-up service cover the whole Wollongong area?

Looking for a free scrap metal pickup Wollongong area has nearby? Homeowners often try to find the best copper prices near them by looking online. A better way to sell scrap metal Wollongong yards offer is by simply entering the term ‘best copper prices near me’ and click on Austick website!
What difference do we offer among other recycling companies? Most scrap metal dealers Wollongong recycling companies will come to your house or business for a fee. Only Austick offers a free scrap metal pickup Wollongong service to all homes and local businesses. We take pride in being a one-stop solution for all of your scrap metal needs. We are happy to answer any questions you have about our scrap metal yard Wollongong processes and services. At Austick, there's no job too big or too small for us! Call us today to get started and find out how to render your scrap metal into cold, hard cash.

Can I sell scrap metal in Wollongong directly at your Kembla Grange yard?

Want to sell scrap metal for cash Wollongong recycling centres cannot offer? As one of the few scrap metal buyers Wollongong businesses and residents go to for their recycling needs, our aluminum recycling Wollongong yard located nearby at Kembla Grange is open for drop by. For information on what scrap metals we purchase, please visit our website or call us on 0401 282 852. Our scrap metal prices Wollongong rates are competitive with other companies, so there's no need to shop around.