The Best Scrap Metal Prices With Our Free Canberra Scrap Metal Pick Up Service


If you wish to drop by and get the best price when you sell scrap metal Canberra recycling centres cannot offer, make Austick your first port of call! Here at Austick, we understand that the scrap metal you are looking to recycle is not always easy to identify. We pride ourselves on always being available, offering accurate information on all metal scrap Canberra clients need. From large construction jobs on scrap metal, Canberra Fyshwick businesses have done to small private individual projects, Austick has your back. We provide excellent scrap metal prices Canberra market ever has! We have an ultra-modern system that uses electronic scales to measure our customers’ metals and print out a ticket stating their weight. We service contractors, builders, demolition crews, and other businesses who need a company that they can count on to manage the removal of their scrap metal Canberra Fyshwick recycling yards cannot offer.


Want quick cash for scrap metal Canberra waste? No need to keep all that scrap metal laying around collecting dust and dirt. We handle all ferrous and non-ferrous metals most efficiently and safely for all our customers. As Canberra scrap metal buyers, we take the fret and hassle out of recycling. If you’re looking for a way to make your trash work for you, then book an appointment with the only scrap metal dealers Canberra residents and business owners trust. We’re a little bit different from the other guys. We don’t just haul stuff off-site like it was our job–we clean up, too! We will only charge as we go and take a light touch to your property in the process so that there’s never any mess left for you to clean up when we’re finished.

Scrap Metal Dealers In Canberra with a Convenient Collection Service

Scrap Metal Removal Canberra Can Trust To Get The Job Done While Offering The Best Scrap Metal Prices In Canberra

Scrap Metal Removal Canberra Can Trust to Get the Job Done While Offering the Best Scrap Metal Prices in Canberra

Got scrap metal? Then get in touch with Austick for all your recycling needs. We’re at the forefront of dumping-end clutter, getting rid of things you don’t need, and reclaiming what is worth keeping. Our services range from free scrap metal removal Canberra needs to scrap metal collection and pick-up services anywhere in Canberra and the surrounding region. And because we care about sustainable living, our experienced consultants can help you get the best scrap metal prices in Canberra that no other scrap metal buyers can offer. Bring your scrap metals or have us collect your items with our free scrap metal collection Canberra service.

Austick proudly boasts the busiest fleet of trucks in Canberra, with a free scrap metal pickup available for all sizes of businesses and clients. Our customers can schedule their pickup online or by phone. When you call Austick, know that you’re only getting the best of the best!

Looking For Money For Scrap Metal? Contact The Specialist Scrap Metal Buyers In Canberra

Looking For Money For Scrap Metal? Contact the Specialist Scrap Metal Buyers in Canberra

Are you looking for the best deals from scrap metal buyers Canberra cannot offer? Use our dedicated Canberra scrap metal pickup service. Unlike scrap yards in Canberra who are not equipped with the latest electronic weighbridges, bright and well-organized drop-off zones with designated customer areas. Visit us at 281 Princess Highway, Kembla Grange, Wollongong NSW 2526, to drop your scrap metals if you are in the area.

In addition to our scrap metal pick up in Canberra, we have a list of services that can help with all sorts of needs. Get paid upfront with the best Canberra scrap metal prices. For customers with more large tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, we can collect it from your home or premises with our convenient and efficient scrap metal pick up Canberra services. Call us at 0401 282 852 to get an estimate of the best scrap metal prices in Canberra.

Free Scrap Metal Pickup in Canberra Trusted By Construction Firms Throughout ATC

Free Scrap Metal Pickup In Canberra Trusted By Construction Firms Throughout ATC

If you are looking for Sydney scrap metal collectors, or scrap metal merchants Canberra trusts, then you will be happy to know that we have one of the best money for scrap metal Canberra clients right here. For any large construction projects, Austick is the leading scrap yard Canberra construction businesses can rely on for sorting, transporting, and storing scrap metals from their projects during construction. No matter how small or large the job is, Austick has your back with our scrap metal pick up in Canberra. Construction firms throughout the region, including those in need of scrap metal Canberra Fyshwick pickup, trust us for our quality service and commitment to excellence, so why wait? Call us today!

Contact the Austick Team Today to Arrange an Appointment for our Canberra Scrap Metal Collection Today!

Do you wish to sell scrap metal? Canberra is just one of the areas that Austick services. Do you need to find a Canberra scrap metal collection service that is reliable and affordable? The Austick team can help! We collect scrap metal from homes, businesses, construction sites, and more.

We know that lots of you have questions! Get expert advice on scrap metal prices Canberra customers are eager to learn! When looking for scrap metal dealers, Canberra businesses should look for Austick. Our team has an incomparable response time. We are a one-stop hub for free scrap metal pick up Canberra needs. By leveraging decades of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that our metal scrap Canberra team will pick up your scraps quickly and efficiently!

Contact the Austick Team Today to Arrange an Appointment for our Canberra Scrap Metal Collection Today!

Scrap Metal Pickup & Collection Canberra FAQs

Does your Canberra scrap metal pickup service cover all ACT?

If you need cash for scrap metal Canberra recycling centres cannot offer, we have you covered as one of the scrap metal merchants Canberra residents have trusted for years. We provide Canberra scrap metal pickup services areas in the ACT and NSW region. We are committed to providing affordable rates, so you know you're getting the best deal among other scrap metal Canberra collection companies. We will happily discuss it with you no matter what type of metal you have for sale in your area. You don't need a list, just call us on 0401 282 852 or fill out a form online. It's that simple. Our Canberra scrap metal buyers and pricing team will get back to you shortly. Let our free scrap metal pick up Canberra services help you if you have heavy tons of scraps!

What are the current scrap metal prices in Canberra?

The scrap metal Canberra prices are typically dictated by supply and demand. The price point can vary greatly, depending on what type of scrap metal you are selling. Scrap copper, for example, is worth much more than a yard of scraps, and aluminum does not hold the same value as other metals. 
As your scrap metal recycling Canberra partner, we can guarantee you will have the best scrap metal prices in Canberra. We have built our business around providing our customers with high-quality scrap metal pickup Canberra service second to none. If you’re interested in whether you’re getting the top dollar for your ferrous or non ferrous scrap metal, our metal collection Canberra team can offer professional advice on the subject. For more information about our scrap metal Canberra collection services, please feel free to contact us today.

Why does Austick offer a free scrap metal removal Canberra businesses trust?

If you cannot find scrap metal dealers in Canberra that can offer the best price for your scrap metal, contact the Austick team. It has never been easier for you to make your premises environmentally friendly with our scrap metal removal Canberra service, given that our company offers higher Canberra scrap metal prices than any other scrap yard Canberra has. We're committed to eliminating dangerous liabilities for your company and can handle any job, regardless of size or scope. Austick offers a free scrap metal collection Canberra businesses trust because it's our way of reducing waste in landfills. So whether you're working on a construction site, or just want some money for scrap metal Canberra, then we can help. We buy all types of scrap metal, including copper, wire, brass, lead, aluminum, and more!

Why should I use the Austick pickup service instead of other scrap metal dealers in Canberra?

Austick’s free scrap metal pickup Canberra service is the fastest and cheapest way to collect scrap metal in Canberra. All ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals are accepted. You can count on us to give you an honest quote without any hidden fees - just efficient and convenient free scrap metal pickup Canberra services! Just call 0401 282 852 or check out our website to get started!